who we are

'Novitas' is all about 'novelty'. We stand for experiencing heritage, and thus pave the new road to heritage. We are the 'new kids on the block' and offer a refreshing view on the heritage business. We:

  • think innovatively
  • are part of a relevant network
  • work on a project basis 

what we do

We are developers of new presentations and interactive experiences to be used by heritage institutions, incorporating new, innovative disciplines, such as gameificationVR/AR and storytelling.

why we do it

Heritage helps identity to grow. Our view and our procedures therefore follow:

Explore. Everyone should be able to explore heritage.
Expose. Heritage presentation should stimulate knowledge.
Experience. Everyone should be able to get immersed in heritage.

As experts in live interpretation and participation of public we will find and incorporate innovation.

who are novitas heritage?


Joerie van Sister, MA

MA Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology & Museum Studies (Leiden University) | (Museological) policy making | Romans & Limes | Safety & Working condition | Collection (policy) | Guidance of public | Presentation & shows | Projects (administration) | Expositions & Experience | Live interpretation | Communication | Lectures

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Marc van Hasselt, MA

RMA Medieval Studies | Gamefication | Projects (EU) | Events | Medieval Period | Research | Education | Guidance of public | Historical combat | Presentation & Shows | Live interpretation

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